Inspired (forever) by @amieshmamie
  1. Anticipating..
    The Cubbies heading to the National League Championship Series⚾️And..
  2. Crushing on..
    Kris Bryant❤️
  3. Reading..
    Thanks to the suggestions of a few of my fellow li.sters, and LOVING it!
  4. Watching..
    He is adorable and hilarious, (but you must have a raunchy sense of humor to appreciate this!)
  5. Eating..
    This is my favorite, but the almond/sea salt is pretty fab too!
  6. Looking forward to..
    RAIN this weekend☔️
  7. Anxious to..
    Break out the crockpot!!
  8. Enjoying..
    Our new Breville espresso maker!! My man got hooked on cappuccinos in Italy, so he brought this baby home yesterday!!
  9. Attempting to..
    Get all our photos together so I can write some li.sts about our amazing vacation! (One of our Venice pics!)
  10. Believing that..