CURRENTLY [sixth edition]

@amieshmamie gets credit FOREVER.
  1. Looking through old photos and am enamored with..
    My son's instagram of his cat when he first brought her home a couple of years ago❤Yes, she IS the cutest thing imaginable, don't argue with me.
  2. Relishing that..
    My very own feline is in a relatively snuggly mood..
  3. Snacking on..
  4. Staring at our tree!
    It's quite beautiful, if I do say so myself.
  5. Stoked the guy behind the wine bar said, "can I take a pic of you two"?!
    Me and Britt. I don't love my picture taken (thanks, g'ma!) so they are few and far between, but happy to have them❤❤
  6. Fascinated by..
    Recycled from an old and @jennifergster reminded me about it and well, it's too freaking cute to not use again, so deal with it and you're welcome.
  7. Reading my new cookbook, Market Math, from my secret Santa @rachhello!
    Yep, this is happening!
  8. Supposed to be making cupcakes for my best friend. The friend I offered to throw a mini dessert and wine party for, then invited 20 people. And told her it was at HER house so she didn't have to go anywhere. What?
    Specifically, these. I'm preheating the oven, that counts for something right?
  9. Attempting to feel..
    Not sure about the JOY part, but working on it..
  10. Feeling this, HARD.