DEAR___________, [celebrity addition] and Thank-You Note Thursday..

Because two is always better than one💕Unless your names are Kim and Kanye. Inspired by @amieshmamie and @BWN_7
  1. Dear Leslie Jones (and the celebrities who support her),
    Thank you for being one of the funniest women in comedy! This cyber bullying has gotten out of control and it's too bad you have to deal with assholes.
  2. Dear Zac Efron,
    Thank you for making a teenager's crush such a sweet thing💗
  3. Dear Starbucks,
    Thank you for putting ice in my iced drinks. I kinda like them that way, which is why I order them that way.
  4. Dear Heidi Klum,
    Thank you for making AGT more interesting because you're a judge. You seem genuine, and you are funny AND beautiful!
  5. Dear Chrissy Teigen,
    Thank you for showing young women that it's OK to be imperfect. With all the pressure they feel to look a certain way to fit in, you're a breath of fresh air💕
  6. Dear Hope Solo,
    Thank you for showing young women how NOT to behave. Yes, losing sucks and we know you're "really bad at it!" You know what else sucks? Your attitude. Kudos to Team USA soccer for benching you for six months. This isn't your first rodeo displaying bad behavior.
  7. Dear Blake Shelton,
    I don't know that your responses (to mean tweets) were very nice, but they surely made me laugh, so thank you!
  8. Dear Idris Elba,
    Thank you for ~sigh~ existing.
  9. Dear Rolling Stone magazine,
    Just, thank you💗