Some are silly. Some are not.
  1. I believe we should grow old gracefully.
    But I'm probably going to go kicking and screaming.
  2. I strive to be kind.
    But my genes steer me toward sarcasm.
  3. I am a clean freak.
    But I have a R E A L L Y furry cat.
  4. I like Justin Beiber's music.
    But I also love Tech N9ne and 2Pac.
  5. And, some days I feel like Sam Cooke and Harry Belafonte.
    But other days I feel like Britney Spears and Katy Perry.
  6. I eat pretty healthy and as organic as I can.
    But every now and then I want Cheetos.
  7. Some days I try to keep it classy.
    Some days I just say FUCK THAT.
  8. I think tolerance is really important.
    But sometimes I don't have the patience for anything.
  9. I need my close friends, that I love and trust.
    But I sometimes I fight the urge to shut them out.
  10. I want time to go by quickly so my pain will lessen.
    But I don't want to rush through life/grow old.
  11. Some days I think I'm doing okay.
    Other days I feel like I'm failing miserably.
  12. Some days I'm a pretty decent human being.
    Sometimes I suck.
  13. Some days I care a lot.
    Some days I don't care at all.
  14. I know that forgiveness is important for a healthy spirit.
    But then I remember how angry I am.
  15. My heart is broken💔
    But it's still able to love❤️