A recipe request from @ashleyanwiler ❤️
  1. You can find a recipe for this anywhere on the internet, or from a friend, a cookbook, your grandma..this is more a "how-to"..
    It's simple and easy and delicious! And you likely have all the necessary ingredients already!
  2. Confession. I don't measure, unless I'm baking, which isn't often.
  3. You will need the following ingredients..
  4. Fresh eggs
  5. Your favorite cheese (these are two of my fave for this dish)
  6. Corn tortillas
  7. Your favorite salsa
    Red or green, whatever you like!
  8. I prefer my homemade ➡️How to make your own salsa.
    If you choose jarred sauce, I think fire-roasted is best! Either way, warm it in a small saucepan while the eggs are cooking.
  9. Toppings, if desired
  10. Chop some onions, cilantro and jalapeños to top your eggs, if you'd like. Maybe you want a dollop of sour cream, or sliced avocado..
    I had none of that available this morning, so I should have called these naked huevos rancheros! Nonetheless, they were DELISH😋
  11. Set your oven to Hi/Broil. Get a cast iron, or your favorite skillet, ready to go..place on the stove on low heat and feel free to use bacon grease, clarified butter, or oil, and just enough to coat the bottom.
    Crack your eggs into the pan, salt and pepper~flip as the whites begin to set. A little more salt and pepper..now crumble or grate a little of your favorite cheese on each egg, turn the burner off and move the pan off the heat and leave them be a minute or two to finish cooking. This will yield runny eggs. If you want them set, cook longer.
  12. Get the tortillas in the oven.
    I spray, or use your fingers, to get a little oil on each side of the tortillas. You'll need to turn them so they're crispy on both sides, and I use the middle rack.
  13. Place your crispy tortillas on the plate, top each with an egg (be careful not to knock off the melty cheese!) then spoon the warm salsa around the plate and add your toppings!
  14. Enjoy🍳