I was a dreamer back then..
  1. Tabitha from Bewitched.
    I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I "twitched" my nose!
  2. Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.
    There's not a woman alive my age who watched and didn't at least once cross her arms and blink!
  3. Goldie Hawn.
    I was enamored with Laugh-In and she was adorable!
  4. Diana Ross.
    I wanted to be a Supreme! And I stood on the bed and sang into my hairbrush at the top of my lungs.
  5. Karen Carpenter.
    When I outgrew Diana, Karen took over. I could probably still recall the words to her songs from 40 years ago..
  6. Marie Osmond.
    When "Paper Roses" came out I couldn't get enough of it. I'm sure my family was happy when that obsession ended.
  7. Cher.
    If you've ever heard her sing Half Breed or Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, you'll understand.
  8. Olivia Newton-John.
    I was smitten with this song, and with her. Who wasn't?!
  9. Nancy Drew.
    Oh, to be a teenage detective!
  10. Betty from the Archie comic series.
    The girl-next-door blonde.. I devoured these comic books!
  11. Mary lngalls.
    I read all the Little House on the Prairie books and was all about Laura until the tv series came out..Mary was older, wiser and prettier!