🎶A li.st about my very specific musical tastes🎶
  1. Dave Grohl/Dave Matthews
  2. James Morrison/Jim Morrison
    And you can have Van, too.
  3. Bob Marley/Bob Dylan OR..
    B.O.B/Bob Seger
  4. Jack Johnson/Jack Black
    I like him, I just don't want to listen to him sing/scream at me.
  5. Frank Sinatra/Frank ocean
  6. Lukas Graham/Graham Nash
  7. Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas
  8. Ed Sheeran/Ed(die) Vedder
    I can listen to Pearl Jam, but honestly, I don't love his voice (DO NOT TELL MY BF!)
  9. John Mayer/(Father) John Misty OR..
    John legend/John Lennon
  10. George Michael/George Harrison
    I am a Beatles fan don't yell at me.
  11. Queen/Queen(s) of the Stone Age
    Take Queensryche while you're at it.
  12. Go-Go's/OK Go
  13. Al Green/Al Stewart
  14. Savage Garden/Soundgarden
    I do like Chris' voice, but if I had to choose..
  15. Alabama (Shakes)/Alabama
  16. Taylor Swift/James Taylor
    I loved him in my youth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Alicia Keys/The Black Keys
  18. Keith Urban/Keith Richards
  19. Ice Cube/Vanilla Ice
  20. 2Pac/2 Chainz
    2 Chainz GET OUT
  21. Lil' Wayne/Wayne Newton
  22. Harry Belafonte/Harry Styles
    JK, I want them both!
  23. And I also want all of the Justin's ♥️
  24. Local