Ok, that was super lame, and my photography skills are equally so..but my thrifting ability (major stress relief!) cannot be denied🌟🌟🌟
  1. •
    Super soft jammies for our friends' newborn!
  2. •
    Adorable shorts for my 19 -year old niece!
  3. •
    A Bebe sundress, also for my niece!
  4. •
    A Body Glove bikini top for one of my gf's!
  5. •
    A cute tank for me!
  6. •
    PAIGE DENIM (also for me!)
    I KNOW, right?!
  7. •
    Sigh...a Christmas mug! It was too good to pass up..
  8. •
    A Lilly Pulitzer two-piece for Josie! She's five and I've been thrifting for her since she was born (and she wears everything I've ever bought her)💗
  9. •
    A double-sided shot "glass", 4 tins to make taco salad "bowls" and 2 mini loaf pans!
  10. •
    This little strainer that I'm using for my garden tomatoes!
  11. •
    And a few other miscellaneous items, all for $62.00!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so pleased with myself.
  12. •
    Added bonus~my stress level went down ❤️❤️❤️