@shanaz, I was so excited when @Boogie assigned you to me! Did some stalking for sure, but you're one of the first I followed here, so had read a lot of these!
  1. We have a fair amount of things in common..
    Movies, books, MJ, Madonna, beautiful men, a son we adore..
  2. Look, your very first li.st was about movies!
  3. And, you are beautiful..arrgghhh!!! As you all can see..
  4. Stunning. And look at that sweet face!!
  5. You seem like such a great mom (not just a cool one!) This is adorbs♥️
  6. More mom stuff ..
  7. Your son's room♥️I remember reading this one!
  8. There's also a li.st about your mom..(snitches get stitches, bitches😂😂😂)
  9. And, a li.st about your father😢(my sister and I are half, and her dad is Iranian too!)
  10. AND, you're an artist!!
    I love the picture you painted, but also the fact that you like Campbell's tomato soup😋
  11. Your favorite things about yourself~solid li.st!
  12. Love this❤
  13. You're definitely NOT a witch😆
  14. We have some crossover here..Idris Lenny, Tupac, Keanu..
  15. You're welcome❤️
  16. Static
  17. Static
  18. Static
    Damn. (We will have to fight off @Diplomatic_diva for this one😉)
  19. You live somewhere I've never been, but hope to visit!
  20. Since you love to read, here are some of MY fave books.. Books worth reading (First Edition)
  21. This is one of your li.sts I really enjoyed..
  22. And here are some li.sts you love..
  23. You're a dreamer 💭😂
  24. Things you're most afraid of..I laughed out loud at this!!
  25. What's in your bag?!
    Kinda creepy, but also really funny!
  26. Your first album with your own money!
    Great taste, girl!
  27. Your first concert (so lucky!) Your mom took you when you were 9! My grandma took me to see Elvis when I was 12! (And I took my girls to see N'Sync when they were 7 and 9!)
  28. You said this was your favorite poem..
  29. I picked you to watch movies with!
  30. This is the first time you commented on one of my lists and I was so excited cuz you left this..💾
  31. You said you like SNL, so here's a sketch I think you'll love😂(you've probably seen it already, but it's great!)
  32. I'm sharing my banana bread recipe with you, I hope you like it♥️
  33. (Soooooo, I have been crafting this li.st, and then you posted this♥️I decided to leave it be, 'cause it made me happy!!)
  34. 💗💗💗Happy Galentine's Day💗💗💗
  35. Thanks, @Boogie and @amieshmamie😘