HOT OR NOT, I like it like that

Inspired by @angela3950 and her HOT OR NOT, I like it like that which was inspired by my jab about room temperature apples😉
  1. FRUIT, and I mean everything but bananas, goes in the fridge!
    See how cozy they look in the crisper👀
  2. COFFEE can be hot, warm, iced ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as long as the beans are fresh (and pricey), imma drink it!
  3. ICE CREAM, I like to be cold but not hard, not melty like @angela3950 likes it, though in my youth I used to beat it with a spoon until it was like a milkshake🙄
  4. CAKE, doesn't get eaten much in our house but idc if it's warm or cold and I used to eat frozen Sara Lee cheesecake and German chocolate cakes when I was a child, so it's all good, providing it's a flavor I like, otherwise I won't likely touch it.
    And same goes for cookies..not picky about temperature as long as they're good.
  5. PIZZA is pizza!!!! Hot, warm, cold, give me ALL OF THE PIZZA!
    Side note~my workday is eight hours straight, so I am not always able to warm up my food due to time constraints~I've gotten used to some things I normally wouldn't eat cold.
  6. SOUP must always be hot, let's get real.
  7. WATER~never cold for me, unless it's drinking water! Ocean/pool water has to be very near to 78° for me to do more than dip my toes..
  8. And showers have to be steamy..
  9. SLEEPING is best at 62° which is where the thermostat stays at night.
  10. HIKING is most comfy between 60° and 75°, like @angela3950, my near heatstroke took place in a National Park~Arches, to be specific☀️☀️☀️
  11. CHEESE gets no argument, as room temp is ideal👌🏻
  12. MEN? Why smoldering, of course!