I don't know the answer.
  1. When they won't tell you what you said/did?
    And you genuinely don't know.
  2. When you're talking in circles and you can't see the others' POV?
    There's so much pain and everything sounds so irrational and senseless.
  3. When there's name calling and meaness littered throughout the conversation?
    I'm trying not to take it personal. But it feels personal.
  4. Then they apologize.
    But it was "I'm sorry I said mean things, but.."
  5. When they don't WANT to fix it?
    Because it takes work and they're too emotionally drained to work.
  6. When there's so much pain but all you see is your own?
    I admit, I can't much see past my own. I'm assuming she feels the same.
  7. When they're going through other things that seem to overshadow the real issues?
    A break-up, getting her Master's, coping with being a 20 something who lost her sister..
  8. And I'm going through other things.
    Trying to hold together my own relationship, keep his health under control and not just want to quit.
  9. When communication takes two willing people?
    And only one is willing at this particular moment in time.
  10. When it's your child?
    I KNOW she lost her sister. But I also lost my child. And now no one can talk about anything. And I feel like I've lost two daughters.