I'd love if this was a more interesting story😂
  1. Most of my passwords include some variation of personal information, about me and|or my man..
    Birthdates, addresses and such. Boring, yes🙄
  2. So when I joined here, I just stuck with my Instagram username bc it was easy and required virtually no thought.
  3. <cv>stands for Carpe Vino, which is my boyfriend's business|restaurant.
    We've been together nearly 12 years and I worked for him on the weekends for close to 10 of them!
  4. <lop>stands for Lake of the Pines, which is the community I live in, and have for many years.
  5. <61>as most of you know, is my birth year🙃
  6. Nothing much to write home about, but now you know!
  7. Local