I had the day off, coincidentally, and next year, my bday will actually fall on Turkey Day!
  1. Got together with a few of the ladies and drank bubbles the night before!
    And my gf's daughter made me a cake! Another friend brought homemade cupcakes over on my actual birthday, but those were gobbled up before I had a chance to take a picture😋
  2. My man bought me flowers!
    He wasn't supposed to buy me anything, because VACATION😱
  3. And, champagne and a card..
    He doesn't often buy cards, so it's pretty special when he does! Plus, he had his chef make us a really nice dinner and we stayed in..
  4. I wish I had pictures of that dinner, but we ate it immediately so you'll have to live without proof.
    But it was New York's, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts and some pasta dish that was W(`0`)W
  5. Listening to music.
    Always music. Soothing to me, even when the playlist isn't necessarily so..
  6. DMing.
    Had some lovely conversations💗
  7. Texting with friends and family❤️
    My kids weren't here, but we chatted a lot.
  8. Missing her.
    Holidays and birthdays are H A R D☹️
  9. Regrouping.
    Usually involves reading and writing..sometimes tears, sometimes naps. Oftentimes, wine.
  10. On to the 🎁 🎁🎁
    Cash from my boss/office pals!
  11. This cute little hoodie from the bestie!
  12. Some ceramic plates from Italy!
  13. More flowers!
    My friends know me.
  14. These cookbooks..
  15. Static
  16. This is our friend Abe!!
    For my Chicago li.sters, if you've not been to his restaurant, GO!!
  17. Smells sooooo good!
  18. Extra large gold hoops!
    18K, 'cause nickel allergy.
  19. In Japanese maple😀
  20. A cute dish towel and some olive oil!
  21. A cheeseboard and some markers!
  22. And, a gift certificate to my favorite spa in town!
    The bf's mom gets me one every year💗
  23. Feeling very spoiled and enjoying all of the lovely gifts, now that the holiday is over and such..
    Time to check out my new books👀