A little late to this party, but yesterday I was TIRED😴
  1. Some backstory..My man is from Park Ridge, Illinois. He moved here to California, 15 years ago.
    He is a sports fan/enthusiast, to say the least!
  2. August, 2006~my first visit to Chicago (we had started dating in February).
    He informed me that no trip was complete until I sat in the bleachers at Wrigley. So, we bought $20 tickets off the street, and sat in the rain and drank Old Style. He bought me a Cubs hat! (The first of MANY..)
  3. Let me add that I hadn't been much of a baseball fan since the '77 Yankees (a HS bf's team) and crushed on shortstop Bucky Dent.
    Don't try to make me feel bad for this. It will not work😬
  4. We live < two hours from AT&T Park and we started going to the Giants/Cubs series when they came to town.
    If you've never been to this ball field, I suggest you get there~it's spectacular! Right, @supercommonname?! This pic was in April of this year.
  5. One year we had seats behind the dugout and Derek Lee was leaning over me to sign autographs!
    I have those pictures somewhere, but can't find them right now, but it was cool. (He has a lovely backside, just sayin')
  6. (We went to the A's/Cubs series this year and wound up sitting next to Ricky Henderson!)
    He was really nice!
  7. Fast forward a bit and the Cubbies actually start playing well..
    So he buys the MLB package. And we watch more..
  8. Because, this guy..
  9. And these boys..
    I'm not gonna lie, watching baseball with sexy men is a whole lot easier! And Bryant and Rizzo are hot af AND, they're not jerks!!!!
  10. There are more cute boys..
  11. Javi..
    Holy smokes.
  12. Grandpa..
  13. Oh, and Joe.
  14. His home office looks like this, btw..
    Just a snippet of what's really in there😳
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. The culmination of the above led to me (ME!) watching a lot of baseball, slowly but surely.
    It was actually not boring, for once! #somanygames
  18. My man has been OUT OF HIS MIND these past few weeks, and we've had a lot of fun with the playoffs..(I need to "dry out")😫
    So when they won game 6, he made a phone call..
  19. To a friend who owns this..
  20. And, the next morning he called to get permission to close the streets in Old Town, where he and his father own their restaurant.
  21. They've been serving Chicago Dogs (in their fine dining establishment) throughout the playoffs.
  22. This is in our "wine cave"..
    He bought a hot dog cart this year! (The dogs have been served on Opening Day for several years now..)
  23. Inside the wine bar..
    They sent us some swag this year too!
  24. So, I worked all day, then scurried into town, friends in tow, to this..
    I can't believe he pulled this off in 12 hours!!!!
  25. We all gathered in the streets and watched one of the greatest sporting events of all time!!!!
  26. And the local news channel covered it!
  27. And we ended with this..
  28. And then slept on the floor at his office, hence the lack of timeliness on this li.st!
    Thanks for the unofficial LR @angela3950! Wish you'd been here! Maybe next year❤️
  29. I've enjoyed the ride and love all the Chicago fans here in li.stland!! @PeteOnEarth @nathanielrepay @ladyprofessor, to name a few..shout out to the ___fan, just 'cause I like you @gd3👍🏻
    It makes me understand him better😉😬😀
  30. Edited to include the flag at our house!! Not breezy today..
  31. Anyone at the parade?!