I am inspired by.....

There were many ways to interpret this LR~this is what instantly came to mind..
  1. The Four Agreements
    I've read this book many times and it stays on my nightstand to remind me how I choose to live. No other book makes more sense to me, and it's a mere 138 pages.
  2. Creativity
    Artistry in any form, be it crafting, cooking, writing, music, art, intellect..
  3. Intellect
    I am inspired by conversation, by thoughtful commentary, by having a good, solid debate and walking away with more knowledge than what I started with.
  4. Kindness
    And those who touch the lives of others.
  5. The ability to see the good in others
    This is not my virtue, but I'd like it to be..
  6. Strength
    Choosing to baby-step your way forward each day, even when you're against the wind.
  7. Courageousness
  8. Those who never give up
  9. Productivity
    The more productive I am, the more I want to be.
  10. The desire to make a difference
    It's hard when the world is tumultuous and unpredictable and unfair. I admire anyone who can persevere regardless of these obstacles.
  11. This..(and him)