I decided to experiment and follow the old adage "say something nice, or nothing at all"~for a day❤In the order in which they were encountered..
  1. Our office manager.
    She and I have worked together over 20 years and she's one of my besties, so..that's easy. She is one of the best listeners you could ask for.
  2. Our DA.
    She's been cranky lately, thanks to divorce proceedings, but she has been showing up and getting it done. Nice job!
  3. My boss.
    He said good morning in a sincerely cheerful voice. And he didn't leave any sticky notes on my charts. (He knows I hate that). Thanks!
  4. So far so good😀
    (Well, it is only 7:05)
  5. Patient #1
    Uh oh. I know you cheated on your wife because I saw you. My friends and I were at the club and I watched you hit on multiple woman. You upped the creepy factor cuz I clean your wife's teeth! (OH MY GOD IT'S ONLY BEEN FIVE MINUTES!!!) You got this______you're punctual..?
  6. P #2
    Further conversation revealed you're raising your grandchildren. As someone raised by gp's, bless you. I wanted to ask why but figured I wouldn't meddle in your privacy because the answer's likely not good. I wanted to share my situation but didn't, but huge props to you. You seem like a good grandpa.
  7. P #3
    You're not warm or talkative but you're pleasant. And you're outfit was cute. Love the capris.
  8. P #4
    We've always chatted about our vacations and you work hard at your home care. Your pink shirt was nice too.
  9. P #5
    You're in a wheelchair and it takes quite awhile to get you situated. But you are cooperative and I admire your determination.
  10. Above pt's caretaker.
    You are no nonsense but I think anyone who cares for another deserves credit for that.
  11. P #6
    You're British. I like your accent and you're easy to work on.
  12. This is so easy!
    Down to the wire ..
  13. P #7
    You're a friend of my BF and you usually fall asleep in the chair, making it hard to work on you but today we watched the Olympics and I turned up the volume and you did great! Extra points for the tie.
  14. P #8
    I have cleaned your teeth for nearly 20 years. I knew your wife, who you lost a few years ago and we've both lost children, so we talk a lot. You are one of my favorites. Truly kind and caring. You always make me cry.
  16. My man.
    You left before I woke up this morning so you were the end to my day. And you are my favorite human that's not related to me! And, you smell good.
  17. I probably won't document it, but let's see if I can keep it going❤️