I'm a thriftier, garage-saler and lover of good deals and vintage finds! I'm also 'bout to get wordy..
  1. It's nothing special to use retail therapy for stress/anxiety relief, right? I know plenty of peeps who cruise through the shoe department at Nordstrom Rack or wander around the Mall when necessary..
    But me? I like to unwind by checking out my local thrift shops. I have no agenda, I don't need much cash and I usually find something, if not for me, for someONE, that makes me happy.
  2. We have a little gem in town that I frequent, on said occasions. Anxiety knows where I live these days, and I'm grateful I don't have addictions that require a massive bank account <phew>
  3. It's called The Whistle Stop, and it's literally a junk store. Most of you probably wouldn't be caught dead inside this place. I mean, it's..J U N K Y.
    The owner is an old hippie, who shows up when he feels like it and unloads things in PILES. Seriously, you can barely walk through the place. But, for whatever reason, (I'll come back k to that..) I love it there and he's a sweetheart. I never bargain with him bc he's so reasonable, and I want him to make a living, so it's never a discussion. He's literally like, "idk, eight bucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " and I say, "DEAL"!🙂🙂🙂
  4. Yesterday, as I drove by, I was pleasantly surprised to find him unloading some things from his car. He hasn't been around much lately, so I quickly pulled over and made my way inside..
    You have to park on the street bc he has so much STUFF.
  5. I grabbed a small, vintage Pyrex mixing bowl and as I was heading toward the exit, I eyed a stack of old magazines. What got my attention, was a publication from the 50's, and there were only maybe five, total.
  6. The one on top was dated May, 1951, which is the birthdate of my bf's mother (5.5.51) and I thought it would be fun for her to look through..
    I figured we were only talking a couple bucks, (and I was right)! ⬇️
  7. But then, THIS..
  8. I was drawn to the art, but had never heard of Ronald Searle!
  9. *I'd like this one framed..
  10. *And maybe this, in two pieces but the same frame..?
  11. I am mesmerized by this!!!
    I wish you could see them better! *ahem, @list*
  12. So, I looked him up..
  14. This is my favorite!
  15. Fun fact! The animation of Samson, from Sleeping Beauty, (left) was taken from the inspiration of his drawing on the right!
  16. He was kind of a big deal..
    @BWN_7 😉
  17. Here's my question..
  18. I want to take a couple of these pages to our local art gallery and have them framed as a surprise for Drew, bc he will LOVE THIS!!!
    *noted above
  19. But, should I leave the magazine in tact?!
    Maybe show him and ask, but I am so excited at the prospect of surprising him with a gift bc he is HARRRRDDDD to buy for🙄and he freaking loves eccentric art!!
  20. I went on eBay..
  21. Idc about the value so much as it's just cool to have and I'm not sure I want to deface it😂
    HELP ME.
  22. Btw, the thing I said I'd come back to? When I was little, we lived in the middle of nowhere, and my grandparents used to go to the dump and let me dig around for "treasures"😱
    It sounds disgusting, but I assure you, I loved it then and those times are some of my best memories♥️
  23. I'm mad at myself for not buying the other few issues he had, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'm pretty happy🙂
  24. *UPDATE*
    Thank you all for reading, and for your input and sound advice! I decided to show him this morning and come to a decision together! We've decided to frame a few of our favorites..after, of course, we deemed the magazine itself to be worth very little ($8.99 on EBay)! I wanted to make sure he liked it as much as I did, before I spent time and money on having them matted and framed..so, no surprise, but a win, nonetheless👌🏻
  25. I also ordered a few of his books..
    Drew is in the wine biz!
  26. And this..
  27. For my sis!!
    I think I need one too..