I'm the Same Age As...

Inspired by @julieann718 @Diplomatic_diva and plenty more, I'm sure.
  1. Heather Locklear.
    People used to tell me I looked like her in my youth. Haven't heard that in well over a decade!
  2. George.
    Last name unnecessary.
  3. Amy Sedaris.
    Her brother is one of my favorite authors.
  4. Meg Ryan.
    Where's she been? I think she's making a comeback though..
  5. Julia Loius-Dreyfus
    She looks great!
  6. Eddie Murphy.
    Doubt you needed that last name..
  7. Lea Thompson.
    She was one of my favorites back in the day. Back to the Future, All the Right Moves..
  8. Michael J Fox.
    He's aged considerably the last few years😕
  9. I'm also the same age as the erection of the Berlin Wall, the end of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba and the detonation of a hydrogen bomb by the USSR, which was the largest man-made explosion in history.