I understand if you take a pass.
  1. My back is in spasms.
    This happens occasionally, given I lean over people all day. Occupational hazard.
  2. Stress exacerbates it.
    I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment.
  3. I have had 3 Advil,
  4. and a muscle relaxer.
  5. I just removed the icy hot patch,
  6. to take a hot shower.
  7. I am sitting with an ice pack on,
  8. while drinking a glass of champagne.
  9. I've done some li.sting..
  10. and made an appointment for a massage,
  11. and it's not letting up!
  12. I'm not really looking for suggestions, as I think I've done them all😬(please don't say mediation, see previous lists)
  13. Or reprimands😳😂
  14. I just wanted to see if venting helped.
  15. I'm gonna give it a few minutes..
  16. But..
  17. Static