1. Happiness to Wealth
  2. Non-fiction to Fiction
  3. Music to Television
  4. Dark chocolate to Milk chocolate
  5. Wine to Liquor
  6. Coffee to Tea
  7. Corn tortillas to Flour tortillas
  8. Sapphires to Diamonds
  9. Runny eggs to Hard boiled
  10. Solids to Patterns
  11. Mexican food to American food
  12. Late nights to Early mornings
  13. Outdoors to Indoors
  14. A cool breeze to Hot sun
  15. Savory to Sweet
  16. Fresh apple pie to Chocolate cake
  17. Flip flops to High heels
  18. Used books to New books
  19. Witty to Serious
  20. Sincere to Charming
  21. Long hair to Short hair
  22. Water to Land
  23. Travel to Anything