1. I didn't manage to take any pics, but you can see some here->LIVELISTING THE 2017 NORCAL LI.ST MEETUP!
  2. Staying with friends, and while one is recuperating from ankle surgery, the other and I took a long walk this morning! After he made us brunch, of course!
    The bay is so pretty!
  3. So many succulents!
  4. And interesting houses..
  5. And flowers!!
    This is Cody the Labradoodle💜
  6. We met a 7 month old Goldendoodle named Charlie along the way..
  7. There are lots of hills in this city so now I think I've earned myself some bubbles🙃
    I'll be back😉
  8. I made the boys and myself a panzanella salad for a late, light lunch😋#heirloomtomatos #acmebread
  9. Mission Chinese Food for dinner!!!
    We have lots of leftovers🙂🙂🙂
  10. Passed this on our morning walk😩
    <whimpering internally>
  11. Dynamo donuts ♥️
  12. And rosé!
  13. Bi-Rite Market ♥️♥️♥️
    One of my happy places here!!
  14. Duck carnitas tacos at Padrecito..delish!
  15. Blue Bottle latte
  16. Mike Rock Beach
    On the way to Lands End..