Tell me I'm not the only one.
  1. I can't ever seem to write a without editing it.
    Whether it's spelling errors, punctuation or just adding something I left out.
  2. I hate odd numbers so if I follow someone, sometimes I add someone else or delete someone who hasn't posted in a while (months) so I can make it even~the number five doesn't count.
    And it doesn't bother me to have an odd number of followers, because I figure that's out of my control😁Even THAT'S weird.
  3. See?
    Now I either need to stalk or purge🙄
  4. And now you're thinking..
  5. Don't even, with the drafts.
    I mean, it's crazy, right?!
  6. When I search for GIFs, sometimes I find one that I love so much I just want to make a around it.
    Like, who writes a around a GIF?!?
  7. Anyone..?
  8. Local
  9. Local
  10. Fine.
  11. I'll be right here when you're ready.