I've been seeing some lovely li.sters who use bullet point journals MY BULLET JOURNAL @amieshmamie Some are very talented and creative! I am not, so I use my NOTES in my phone for..
  1. To do lists..
    (Comin' at you this week @angela3950 !)
  2. Grocery lists..
  3. Places to go..
  4. Jotting down ideas..
  5. Writing things I hear or feel and that I want to remember..
  6. Copying and pasting links I want to save/revisit..
  7. Journaling when my phone is all that's available..(my journal was packed away!)
  8. Local places I'd like to go/eat..
  9. Dinner ideas..
    Not that I'd have JUST a margarita for dinner😉
  10. Things to watch..
    Some of these came from you, @taylormorley @dreadpiratemama @e
  11. Remembering other people's suggestions on places to visit..
  12. Love to hear how you do it!