Next week I'll be on to something new.
  1. To look like either of these ladies in a bathing suit.
    Their athleticism is pretty impressive too😬
  2. To eat all the popcorn in this bag in one sitting😋
    And ignore the calories per serving. It's so good.
  3. To ban gum.
    So no one can ever pop it or smack it or leave it on a sidewalk near me😳UGH.
  4. To make enough salsa so I never run out.
    This is impossible. I eat a lot of salsa.
  5. To (re)stock my fridge with these.
    So I can have ONE glass of bubbles every day!
  6. To remind you that if you're having a bad day/week/stretch..
    This takes on a whole new meaning as an adult❣