Inspired or semi-requested, by @gd3
  1. I'm home sick, so I'll play😷🤧🤕🙄
  2. {FISH} I love to eat it, I love to play it, as in Go Fish, I will go fishing if someone else puts the worm on the hook and guts it for me. No catch and release for me, I wanna eat that 🐟 and I dive, so swimming with the 🐡🐠🐋🐬is all good too!
    So, all of the above ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess?
  3. {EATING HABITS} I am a neat eater. I don't mix things all together, they stay compartmentalized, but I don't eat just one thing first either.
  4. {DONUTS} I don't often walk into a donut shop, but if I do, I prefer an apple fritter, or some fancy glazed concoction that the gourmet donut shop has, bc let's be real, there would have to a gun to my head for me to eat DD, or the like😉
  5. {SLEEP TIME} I am a very organized human, so my routine is fairly standard but also dependable, meaning it's rare for me to skip it..floss, brush, (my face is already clean from the shower I took after work so..) moisturizer, set alarm, hydroflask with ice water✔️
    Sometimes music, sometimes tv, usually the internet over a book bc the screen is lit and I can see better, to read.
  6. {CORN NUTS} Super random, btw😂I love them and ate them as a child, but now prefer popcorn (less calories🙄), also they're hard on your teeth!
    Emergencies are an exception, or if I knew the folks in there with me, then maybe. I am the one giving dirty looks to people who talk on their cell phones and force others to listen😠
  8. {STANDARD MOVIE ORDER} I don't go often bc, people. But, I despise movie 🍿 and I don't drink soda, so a water bottle, and on occasion I will sneak my own 🍿in!
    I have been known to put mini vodka bottles in my purse from time to time, just sayin.
  9. {TV WATCHING PREFERENCES} We watch a lot of sports in this house, as @gd3 knows! But we watch a bit of everything these days..some tv, Amazon originals, Netflix, on-demand movies..
    We have one of those tv's that's smarter than I am, so it's easy! But, I don't surf channels. I only watch what I want to watch, as I usually prefer to read.
  11. {VACATION} I love to travel, and I am happy camping in the mountains, strolling on a beach, wine tasting in Tuscany, eating BBQ in Austin or seeing a hockey game in Vancouver! I prefer outdoor activities, but I'm not opposed to museums and sporting events..
    There must be good food and beverages, that's my only rule!
  12. {BRANDS} I have some brands I stand by, I mean, why mess with success, right? But if it's something I don't care much about, then I'll give the cheaper version a try! And I'm open to trying something that someone else recommends.
  13. {SUPERSTITIONS} Sadly, I think I have some..I don't say certain things out loud, just in case😂weird.
  14. {CYCLISTS} This subject actually annoys me, bc we live in an area where there are a ton of them! I am happy to share the road, but if you're an idiot, who's riding along side your buddy on a blind corner and you cause me to have a mini heart attack, I AM going to yell at you😡
    Also, by law, they're not allowed to impede the speed of the drivers, so don't make me go 20MPH in a 40MPH zone!!
  15. {MUSIC} My first love ❤️
    It's always been there for me, it makes me cry, it lifts my spirits, it transcends me to another place..I have a vast library of music from most genres, depending on my mood, though (don't @ me!), I'm not a big fan of jazz, unless it's live. I'm usually drawn to the lead singers' voice, first, and I am not a fan of repetition.
  16. What else ya got?😉