Sometimes my brain just thinks about weird things late at night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Female | Heidi Klum
    I adore this woman!
  2. Male | Justin Timberlake
    He has it ALL.
  3. Comedian | Kevin Hart
    Everything he says makes me 😂
  4. General celebrity | Anthony Bourdain
    He has my dream job😍
  5. Chef | Bobby Flay|Gabrielle Hamilton
    There are a ton of chefs I love|admire (I read cookbooks for fun!) but he likes spicy 🌶 and he looks like he's always having fun and he seems to be well-liked|respected by his peers, and she is a freaking rock star!
  6. Fruit | Cherries
    Sweet and juicy!
  7. Veggie | Homegrown tomatoes
    Healthy and delicious!
  8. Ice cream flavor | Butter pecan
    I like it best.
  9. Cheese | Camembert
    This was harrddddd, bc CHEESE! But it's soft and creamy, yet strong!
  10. Author | David Sedaris
    Funny as hell.
  11. Animal | Tigress
    No explanation needed.
  12. Model | Elle MacPherson
    Cindy Crawford was a close second. If I had to choose one now, I'd go with Gigi👌🏻
  13. Book | The Four Agreements
    The Five Love Languages was right behind..These books taught me a great deal and they're full of common sense!
  14. State | Hawaii
    It's GORGEOUS and not too hot, nor too cold and so much to do!!
  15. TV Series | Law and Order
    I've been watching since day one and I love all the casts and it doesn't matter how often they're on, I'm still 👀
  16. Detective | Robert Goren
    He's smart and resourceful and clever.
  17. Cuisine | Mexican
    It covers all the bases.
  18. Alcohol | Champagne
  19. Dessert | Affogato
    Vanilla bean gelato and a shot of espresso, yes please!!
  20. Song | Let's Stay Together by Al Green
  21. Singer | Ariana Grande|Adele - James Morrison|Bruno
    This was hard bc there are so many great voices that I love, but they're young and have amazing range and their music is insanely good! If I were to come back as a boy, I'd pick James bc his voice makes me weak💗and Bruno is just 🙌🏻
  22. Actor | Actress | I'm gonna come back to this bc we don't have drafts and I just can't rn🙄
  23. Movie | See above^^^^