1. My man drove me to the airport at 4:30 this morning because he didn't want me to drive in the rain♥️
    His truck is much bigger than my car and it's an hour away. It also means he now has to pick me up at 10pm on Sunday, which is well past his bedtime. One of the reasons I love him. The driving, not the bedtime.
  2. Spending the weekend with my daughter, and perhaps my sister, who is, at the moment, snowed in⛄️
    She's an hour northeast.
  3. The flight had a mere 60 peeps on it.
    That's always nice! Aisle seat in the second row, yes please.
  4. I could hear the two young flight attendants talking about one of the female passengers, who was apparently behaving badly.
    I heard one say she'd already "had enough" at 7:20am. That's gonna make for a LONG day.
  5. The woman in the aisle seat next to me, threw up into a bag from the turbulence 😳
    I felt bad for her. The flight attendant was really sweet to her..(so I'm thinking the poorly behaved passenger must've been horrid)!
  6. My daughter has a meeting, so I'm taking the MAX into downtown. A cute Asian guy asked me to help him buy his ticket, though it's my first time too! Luckily, it's not hard if you can read English. I always hope people will help me when the shoe's on the other foot.
  7. I feel so Portland-y😀
    Being in a city with rapid transit is awesome!!
  8. Communication with my man..
    I'm trying to stay positive🤞🏻
  9. Amusing myself whilst on the MAX..
    My new favorite Instagram!
  10. The scenery is equally entertaining💗
    The Willamette is gorgeous!
  11. Agreed.
    Wish I had some pie, come to think of it.
  12. Ok, ride over, let's see what I can find to keep myself busy for the next hour👀
  13. Had some lunch then shopped around downtown a bit. Found ourselves at 10 Barrel Brewery, so did some tasting.
    Britt was doing some Tindering..and getting mom's opinions on some of her prospects😀
  14. Stopped at New Seasons, which is a Portland version of Whole Foods.
    Bought some Oregon bubbles, chilled with Poof. Did a little Vietnamese take-out. Who am I kidding. A LOT of take-out.
  15. Watched this, while snuggled on the couch.
    Twenty-something's know how to do these things🙄
  16. Slept in, made some tea, waited for sis to drive down from Hood River.
    Then grabbed some lunch, did a little antique shopping, then bar-hopped a bit.
  17. Hit Urban Crush to wine taste, then Double Dragon for some kimchi fries! Next, drinks at Rum Club, one of my favorite bars!
    Lots of missed opportunities for pics, including some great signs from those marching today!!
  18. Walked to a ping pong bar..
    Which is surprisingly hard when you've been drinking and haven't played in awhile. Love the rules!
  19. Just a bar with ping pong tables. Literally, that's it.
  20. Walked around in the rain, searching for Mexican food but my daughter was okay with a taco joint with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ yelp review. Nope. I have standards, people.
    Decided on take-out pizza, which was delish!
  21. Opted for this cheesy movie with some fro-yo.