Woke up with a heavy heart😔
  1. A previous li.st..
  2. Dane died seven years ago today.
    It's crazy it's been that long, feels not nearly so.
  3. I can still see my daughter's grief, see her scouring the internet for answers she would never find, hear her crying herself to sleep.
    I was so happy she was with me during that time. Who knew how much that time would mean to me..
  4. I texted Dane's family this morning. I've stayed in close touch with his dad.
    They dated six years and he loved my daughter like his own.
  5. I'm sitting in my living room, looking at my Christmas tree, all the decorations, the unwrapped gifts, trying to feel joy, but it's eluding me.
  6. I've done quite a bit of journaling. Laid in bed and talked with my girl. Recalling memories of the two of them.
    It's inconceivable they're both missing from my life.
  7. There are countless memories, of course, and as I sit listening to Christmas music, alone in the house, the only thing that brings me peace this morning, is looking through pictures.
    The pain is far greater than the peace, but I'll take what I can get.
  8. So, I'm sharing with you a small part of their journey together.
    Because it soothes me for whatever reason.
  9. High school. So young.
    She was 16, he was 18.
  10. She and Dane with her sister, my daughter Britt. He was quite an athlete.
  11. When he went away to Boise State, but she was still in high school. One of her visits.
  12. Love this❤️
  13. Thanksgiving with my sister's family. My son on the left, Britt is taking the picture.
  14. As they got older..
  15. Our weekend in Crater Lake. One of my best memories, in general.
    We hiked down the caldera~there were rangers waiting for us at the bottom, who boated us back to the ramp and decided not to ticket us the $250/per person fine! What a great example I was😳no regrets.
  16. Same weekend.
  17. Her memorial tattoo for him.
    "You are the root which all joy I know, blossoms". He wrote this to her in a poem once. This was about 25 hours worth of artistry.
  18. There will never be words for how much you two are missed.
    I hope you're together.
  19. 💔💔💔💔💔💔