(I'm sure this isn't original material~if someone out there did it first, hit me up and I'll credit you!) Now, tell me YOUR stories❤️
  1. LOCATION~our house.
    This is the one day a year I'm particular about where I am and what I eat, so it's at my house, but everyone's welcome!
  2. THE PEEPS~just six of us this year.
    My bf's mom and her bf, my son and his gf~my daughter is in Portland and will be spending it with my sister and her kids..I will be missing you, Courtnie❤️❤️❤️
  3. THE DRINKS~Starts with champagne then onto red wine.
    Most of the crowd likes to drink Pinot noir, but that's not my favorite so I usually stick with a Cabernet Blend, but I drink more champagne than the rest of the gang 'cause it's my favorite!🍾
  4. THE BIRD~a 24 pound, fresh turkey.
    I will pick it up in the morning, drop it in the Yeti and brine it, then I make a fresh herb butter and rub that sucker down and pop him in the oven!🦃
  5. THE SIDES~the only variant is the veggie!
    Baked and candied yams, mashed Yukon golds, HOMEMADE stuffing, rolls and cranberry sauce, (and a can of the jellied stuff, against my wishes!) a salad, and fresh green beans or Brussels sprouts, and gravy, OBVI!
  6. THE DESSERTS~the one thing I'm not responsible for!
    I pawn this off 'cause I couldn't care less about dessert, in general, but someone always brings a pie or two~usually pumpkin and apple. And whipped cream, of course!
  7. THE TRADITIONS~likely the same as most.
    Football🏈🏈🏈Chillin' on the sofa~sometimes board games later in the evening! More wine!🍷
  8. THE FAVORITES~we all have them..
    Aside from the champagne, which is a given, I'd have to say the stuffing, because it's a one-time-a-year deal and because it's an old family "recipe" so it reminds me of my youth. It's very simple and I never mess with it. And now my kids make it too!🙂
  9. If things get rough, remember, Adele makes everything better!