MEGA Screenshots of "Things That Are Me" List

Inspired by @lizabeth
  1. No question.
  2. This has become my mantra.
    For sanity purposes.
  3. Right?!
  4. I have a wee obsession with urban dictionary…
    This came up because of another entirely..
  5. Always the dilemma.
  6. True story.
  7. Camping with cats!!
    I've never actually done it, my cat would FREAK..But I love the idea!
  8. And, cat memes.
    Especially, grumpy cat!
  9. I Google everything I don't know how to do…
    And then screenshot it so I will remember to do it.
  10. See?
    Googling, cats,
  11. Always searching for happiness…
    Self help runs rampant in this household.
  12. ...
  13. I like to educate myself.
    Again, screenshoting to remember! Shout out to @theshome for this one.
  14. Need some humor..
    I will YouTube for HOURS.
  15. I am for equal everything.
  16. Not to brag..
  17. Story of my life.
  18. Everyone knows.
  19. Pink and flowers.
    Pink flowers even better,
  20. Both are fine..
    But not really a blingy girl.
  21. Yep.
    Lots of books.
  22. Board games and alcohol.
    Yes, please.
  23. It's been a rough year.
  24. I'm over anyone judging things they know nothing about.
    Like seriously OVER. IT.
  25. Like, THIS MUCH OVER IT.
  26. It does.
  27. ...
  28. See above.