And you can't stop a speeding train.
  1. So this happened.
    It was more than a week ago, and I sadly, think about it significantly more than I should.
  2. @bjnovak "commented" on my!!
  3. Said
  4. There are so many possibilities!
  5. Does he just like thank you notes?!
    Who doesn't, right? I like them too @BWN_7💗
  6. Was he just telling him to watch the putt from the Ryder Cup practice round?
  7. Is he intrigued as to why I'm thanking @angela3950?
    That's just between us, folks❤️
  8. Was he telling @Nicholas to read @karlalucia's too?!
    You should.
  9. Was it because I suggested that @li.sters are such lovely humans and he's proud??
  10. Is it because @Nicholas is going to Italy and he liked my pics?!
  11. Are they going together??
    Do they need a tour guide????
  12. Does @Nicholas want to buy a canoe and he was flagging the pic, like hey! look at these!!
  13. Does he drink Moretti beer and eat caprese salad and thinks @Nicholas should too??
    Or maybe he likes large platters of meat and cheese, (because they're super amazing!)
  14. Is he looking forward to my Paris that I promised?!
    (Just trying to make some time to photo share with my man)!
  15. Did he get REALLY bored/have insomnia, and it was just random?
  16. Maybe it was an accident and he thought he was leaving it on @dev's instead..
  17. I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER PEEPS, but thanks anyway, I'll take it❤️