Requested by @kellyk
LR by @kellyk 💗💗💗
  1. I am a Sagittarian.
    By one day.
  2. I'm not usually the read-your-horoscope kind of girl, but I do find astrology fascinating!
    I admit I've not read a daily horoscope in a very long time.
  3. I do, however, own this book..
    Which is quite interesting and recommended, if you like this sort of thing!
  4. Ironically, I just ordered this book last week, because a friend owns it and I was flipping pages, much more enthusiastically than I probably should have!
    I read all about ME and the BF and my kids..(even the BF's mother😳)!
  5. Anyway, I'm guessing more than a few of you on this LR, read through several horoscopes before choosing one!
  6. Side note..
    According to ancestry DNA, I am eight percent Asian American!
  7. I have no idea exactly what that means, as that is the extent of the information they gave me.
    Another story entirely😁
  8. And I love reading about the Chinese horoscope!
    I am an OX (fitting)🐂🐂🐂
  9. So, I chose this for today!
    And well, I feel it's pretty fitting. Probably not what you meant by how do you "feel" about it😂
  10. Hm. Well, I had a lengthy list of errands today, about half of which I actually accomplished.
    Nearly always the case.
  11. What exactly does "ill considered" mean anyway?!
    Perhaps that I went to Target to buy La Croix, and spent over a hundred bucks?? Pfffft.
  12. "Keep it simple" you say..
    Well, I simply bought what I "enjoy"..MYOB.
  13. And I'm always restless..
    Just a matter of degree..
  14. "Plan to do something adventurous soon"..
    Why yes. In less than two weeks I will be on a plane to Paris🗼❤️
  15. Maybe I should start checking in on the regular😀😀😀