Requested by @Boogie
This may be more than you bargained for @Boogie
  1. Static
  2. GRIEVING THE LOSS OF A CHILD, would be my topic.
    Though I have many other interests, and could have gone another way, this is foremost in my life rn.
  3. EPISODE 1~Coping mechanisms
    We would discuss what I've used~humor, journaling/writing, staying active with your hobbies/interests, therapy, mindless distractions, helping others..I would have guests on to discuss what they use, as well.
  4. EPISODE 2~Triggers
    We would discuss how triggers are literally everywhere, all the time. Dates on a calendar, a song on the radio, a passing thought/memory, seeing someone on the street with the same eye color (emerald green), or who owns the same pair of shoes..
  5. EPISODE 3~Dealing with anger
    I have yet to have an answer for this one, other than consciously making the decision EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, that I don't want to be angry and bitter for the rest of my life. We would discuss gratitude, though it's very hard to come by most of the time, and ways to diffuse and refocus your energy toward something/someone else.
  6. EPISODE 4~The Impact on your other relationships
    It has a very significant impact on all of your relationships, no matter how strong. Your other children, who are likely grieving differently, your partner (in my case, a LTR, but not her father), your siblings (I have grown even closer to my sister, but cut my brother loose), friendships..your friends, no matter how much they love you, can only listen to so much.
  7. EPISODE 5~How to help someone who is grieving
    There are absolutes, regarding what you should never say to anyone who is grieving. It's not about you, remember that. You are trying to comfort THEM, not say something that makes you feel better. If you want to help, do something thoughtful, don't just ask what you can do. Check in on them frequently, even just a ♥️ if you don't know what to say, is helpful. Get them out if the house, if they feel up to it, or offer to come by and just hang out. DO NOT AVOID them bc you're uncomfortable.
  8. EPISODE 6~The shock and numbness has worn off, now what?
    This would be about learning to navigate that second year and beyond. Still there, so no real answers, other than trying to focus on my other children and those around me who love and support me. Would need to have guests who are several years in to discuss this.
  9. EPISODE 7~Learning to live with the fact that you are forever changed
    My only input on this at the moment, is that I hold tightly to my commitment to making sure my two other children know how important they are. To fail them by giving up (though it's an emotion I fight daily), would be the equivalent of telling them that their sister was more important than they are, so I keep going. This will have to be updated..
  10. EPISODE 8~Dealing with the awkward, the ignorant, and the well-meaning
    Giving Melanie Dale credit for the above. In her book, IT'S NOT FAIR, she addresses this. You have to just know that some people will say/do (read:hugging), awkward, uncomfortable things~you just do your best and hope it ends quickly. The ignorant are more difficult~an icy stare or "I'm guessing you have no idea how that feels to me rn", has been MY best defense. The well-meaning, you either get out fast, or gently say, "I'm sure that's not what you meant to say" or some variation. <discussion>
  11. EPISODE 9~Letting go of relationships that drain your energy
    We all know that having toxic people around, is unhealthy. When you're grieving, it can be unbearable. You have limited resources to combat daily life, in general, so dealing with narcissists or negativity is something to no longer tolerate. Same for anyone who isn't supportive. Don't make a big deal, just let them go. Your world will be much smaller, and that's ok..(I actually prefer it that way). I think we should all ask ourselves if our relationships are mutually beneficial, if not, bye👋🏻
  12. EPISODE 10~Do it YOUR way
    You don't have to grieve like anyone else thinks you "should" or worry about how someone else handled their own grief. This is YOUR journey. No one said you need to be miserable all the time~laugh as much as want! Cry as much as you want! Isolate if you need to! Go out if you want to! No one should ever judge how someone else gets through a tragedy/crisis. I would have several guests, to discuss how they went about the healing process.
  13. This was really cathartic @Boogie