Requested by @gd3
Thanks for the LR @gd3!!
  1. So, as long as I'm in possession of this purple crayon, I can do what I want, right? That's how this game works..?
    I'm more of a pink girl, but I'll adjust to your parameters😉
  2. I'm fairly adventurous. I've done stuff.
    I've hiked Half Dome in Yosemite. I've spent a month in Costa Rica. Rafted the Eagle River in Alaska, and quite a bit of whitewater. I've scuba dived some amazing reefs, mountain biked some fabulous trails..
  3. But there are many more things I'd like to see and do.
  4. My purple crayon would first take me and my son and daughter, to South America. Specifically, Argentina, because this is where my oldest and her bf were supposed to spend a year, backpacking, and never made it😔I'd like to see it with them and know she's watching.
    This is called The Devil's Throat, and is a famous rock formation in El Cayafate. After our backpacking adventures, we would hit wine country in Argentina, where they're known for Malbec!
  5. Next, would be a visit to Spain and Portugal!! Since my crayon is magic, it would send my son and daughter back home (they're in school!) and bring me my man!
    There would be plenty of adventures involving beach hikes, wine drinking, eating ourselves silly..
  6. Then off to Thailand Vietnam and Cambodia!!
    I would like to scuba dive in Phuket and I've heard the countryside is beautiful, so there will be lots of hiking and plenty of eating here too!
  7. Next stop, wine tasting in Cape Town!
    And more diving!
  8. I would then pack my crayon and head back to the states, to Glacier National Park!
    It's one I've yet to see. My crayon is probably tired of all the eating, drinking and hiking, but we're almost done..
  9. Last stop. No adventure would be complete without a visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater.
    I like all kinds of music, so just being there would be amazing!
  10. And then..THIS.
    I'm no Spring chicken, you know!
  11. Those are the "adventures" my crayon and I would take..
    Thanks for the opportunity to dream😬