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    High school sweetheart, first love. He was a great guy, and we broke up when he went off to college, a year ahead of me. We had dated for two years. He ended up going into the ministry, and I am no longer religious, so that worked out for both of us. He is happily married, and we're Facebook friends, so we stay in touch.
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    The man I married a year out of college. I was only 22, and thought I knew everything. Honestly, going through eight years of private, denominational school, I feel we were brainwashed to get our degree, get married and have babies. So, that's what I did. I knew he had an anger management issue when I married him, but I did it anyway because I thought I could change him. Codependency, that's called. I was married 15 years and have been divorced even longer. We are not friends.
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    The rebound after my marriage. A cop, a narcissist~did a lot of emotional damage to me and my children. Thought I could change him too. We were on and off for seven years. I always went back because he made promises, but never kept them. We had two weddings planned😳The good news is, it forced me to seek help for my codependent issues~best decision ever made. (I also know, that narcissists do not change!) THE RECKLESSNESS OF DATING NARCISSISTIC COPS
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    My boyfriend of the last 11 years. We have been through a lot together. Our relationship isn't perfect, but it's pretty great! I hope to keep him.