Inspired by @sarahdessen, perhaps an ongoing
  1. ~maintaining emotional closeness with my children~
    My number one priority💗
  2. ~balance~
    Whether emotional or regarding time, or in my relationships, it's something I always strive to achieve.
  3. ~to leave this earth, better than I found it~
    I think it's an obligation as a human.
  4. ~to stay relevant~
    It requires an ongoing interest in learning new things.
  5. ~finishing all the books I've bought before buying more~
    Uh, probably never gonna happen, but it's always on my mind🙄
  6. ~the perfect yoga pants~
    Zella is the closest I've come, but always on the lookout👀
  7. ~perfecting my playlists~
    An ongoing quest🎶
  8. ~honing my cooking skills/experimenting in the kitchen~
    Continuous progression.
  9. ~to see as much of the world as I can~
  10. ~making those I love, feel important~
  11. ~upping my fitness level~
    I want to be strong again💪🏻
  12. ~looking ten years younger~
    It's vain. I know.
  13. ~becoming a better writer~
    Some days I want to start that blog, other days I just want to maybe submit some specific pieces to certain publications.
  14. ~that cheese and wine pairing that makes you internally squeal with delight~
  15. ~learn Spanish and/or Italian~
    I start and stop this, and I have definitively more Spanish skills, but I would love to be conversational🗣
  16. ~getting off the Ambien I've been using the last two and half years~
    I'm down to half the dose, as of one month ago🤞🏻
  17. ~letting go of the anger~
    This will likely be a constant struggle😔
  18. ~trying to be a good example to my kids~
    Healthy choices..
  19. ~peace~
    A lifetime of practice <sigh>
  20. ~to be the kind of person who is missed when they're gone~
    Inner beauty, I suppose that's called.