We all change. Sometimes and some things for the better, some maybe not so much..
  1. MYS rafted white water. MOS paddle boards.😬
  2. MYS tried to control everything . MOS realizes that's not possible nor necessary.👍🏻
  3. MYS rode technical mountain bike trails. MOS hikes, walks and takes the golf cart.😫
  4. MYS thought I knew a whole lot more than I actually knew. MOS is always in search of new knowledge.😃
  5. MYS downhill skied, slalom skied and wakeboarded. MYO likes to snowshoe and sit on the patio boat with a drink in my hand.🍷🍸🍾
  6. MYS taught herself how to cook out of necessity. MOS cooks because it brings me joy.🌮
  7. MYS was fit and lean and didn't realize how fit or how lean. MOS has a muffin top and wishes she could fit into that bikini but isn't willing to give up cheese and wine and, well, you get the picture..👙😱
  8. MYS went to church because that's what I was raised to do. MOS chooses to be kind, tolerant and open minded and tries to live by the Golden Rule.🙂
  9. MYS chose men I thought I could "fix" (can we say co-dependent) MOS knows the only person you can change is yourself.💗
  10. MYS was outspoken and opinionated. MOS is outspoken and opinionated with a filter.😂
  11. MYS had a limited palate, drank wine coolers and never touched sushi. MOS is more adventurous, prefers good wine and says GIVE ME ALL OF THE SUSHI!😋
  12. MYS was stubborn and had trouble apologizing first. MOS is still stubborn but will try to make amends more often than not.💋
  13. MYS was tired all the time from raising three young children (who engaged in virtually every sport known to man!) MOS is tired all the time because I can't sleep. (Thank you, menopause, thank you life..)😳
  14. MYS never thought much about getting old, death..MOS now knows that life is short so live it well and say what you need to say and do what you want to do.😓