Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. Interpret each prompt as you see fit!
  2. MAY 1 [HAPPY]
    I'm sick, so not much else is making me happy rn😷🙄
  3. MAY 2 [SHADOWS]
    I called in sick today and I am not a good sport when I'm not feeling well, so to lift my spirits, I'm reading and listening to 🎶 typed in "shadows" on my Spotify search, and after a dozen or so options, found this guy ♥️♥️♥️This album is called Shadows and this song is 👌🏻but listen to this cover of Who Did That To You by John Legend🙌🏻I am in love.
  4. MAY 3 [BENT]
  5. MAY 4 [HEIGHTS]
    Took this pic a few months ago of the Bay Bridge♥️
  6. MAY 5 [SHALLOW]
  7. MAY 6 [DRIP]
  8. MAY 7 [ON THE WALL]
    My bf's mom bought me this calendar and I love it!
  9. MAY 8 [HANDS]
    Aren't we?
    PINK! And these peonies are from our friends' farm🌸
  11. MAY 10 [BEAUTIFUL]
    My children♥️♥️♥️
  12. MAY 11 [ON THE ROAD]
    Driving into the city a few months ago..the GG is ♥️
  13. MAY 12 [SWEET]
    The strawberry shortcake my sister made for dessert tonight! This isn't my photo bc I was too excited to eat to remember to document, but this is close👌🏻
  14. MAY 13 [BLUE]
    The lake today..look at the baby ducklings!!!!!!!
  15. MAY 14 [BLACK/WHITE]
    Missy, our bratty feline😸
  16. MAY 15 [TREE]
    My Meyer lemon tree🍋🍋🍋
  17. MAY 16 [FLUFFY]
    My son's kitty😻😻😻she is EXTRA fluffy 👌🏻
  18. MAY 17 [TIME]
  19. MAY 18 [ON MY PLATE]
    We all have A LOT on our plate..
  20. MAY 19 [PAINTED]
    I wish I could paint this💗I love watercolor~this has been on my THINGS I WANT TO DO, Pinterest board, forever.
  21. MAY 20 [OUTSIDE]
    Our hike to the old miner's cabin this morning👌🏻
  22. MAY 21 [HARD WORK]
  23. MAY 22 [HARD WORK]
    This is my daughter Britt. Do you know how much hard work goes into being able to do this?! I tried this,, NO.
  24. MAY 23 [SPACE]
  25. MAY 24 [DARK]
    This seemed appropriate. Also, it's 👌🏻
  26. MAY 25 [PET]
    Missy. Again💗
  27. MAY 26 [MOTION]
    Or, motionless, in my case😂
  28. MAY 27 [A WISH]
  29. MAY 28 [A MOMENT]
    A moment in Cinque Terre, Italy in October♥️
  30. MAY 29 [A PAIR]
    My girl and the neighbor kitties💗💗
  31. MAY 30 [DANCE]
    This is my girl on the lower right♥️the community college she attended right out of HS, acquired the rights to Chicago, and it was A-MAZING😍😍😍
  32. MAY 31 [ROUGH]
  33. Thanks, @Diplomatic_diva this was ♥️