It's my color, and these are all my photos, lest any of you think my obsession's not real (@angela3950 knows tho)💗inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. Me and sis drinking pink bubbles..
  2. Pink tulips..
  3. A hot pink Eiffel Tower, yes please!
  4. More bubbles..
  5. And pink bottles!
  6. Stop rolling your eyes there were a ton more but I'm stopping here..
  7. These were Courtnie's 💗💗💗
  8. More flowers..
  9. Pink trees at my friend's house!
  10. I like my meat pink!
  11. Pink fish..
  12. My journals are pink..
  13. Pink sunsets and pink resorts (this is Cabo!)
  14. My man being silly when we got hammered with our friends in Boise and went to Walmart at 10pm!
  15. Pink cosmos..
    I drink vodka and pink grapefruit juice too, but no photogenic evidence of that rn.
  16. My pink watering can..
  17. And pink flip flops!
    All my flip flops are Roxy™
  18. My calendar is mostly pink!
    My wall is not green😐
  19. My pink Hydroflask™
  20. Pink Pottery Barn towels..
    I have three shades of pink!!
  21. A basket of mostly pink scrubs!!
    One's hygienist must be cheery, right?!
  22. Pink bathrobes..
  23. My vintage pink Pyrex!
  24. Pink beach towels..
  25. My laptop cover is pink!
  26. Lots of pink azaleas on my deck!
  27. Pink workout clothes..
  28. Pink napkins for girl parties!
  29. And my pink butterfly that a friend hand painted on my wall for Court💗
    It's my favorite of all.
  30. Oh, and there was this..PINK