Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I screenshot a lot💗
  1. Courtnie took this picture of me with my sister. The three of us were in Vegas to see Shania. I took this screenshot off my daughter's Instagram.
  2. I wanted to save this from someone's blog so I could remember to order it.
  3. Me and Drew with Missy and my kids with their cats! I asked Britt to make this for me. My kids are all cat lovers. Must be genetic😊
  4. This is painted on my kitchen wall and will be my first tattoo.
  5. Cody texting with me. I screenshoted this to send to my sister💕
  6. This is Jenny Lawson's blog and I wanted to save this so I could reread it everytime I needed a laugh.
  7. I screenshot silly things off the internet all the time...
  8. My friends' Mai Tai recipe.
    It's amazing❤️