@rachhello is my SS!!! I actually don't know her well, but ironically have ❤ a few of her li.sts lately! And now I'm stalking👀
  1. I LOVE the box already!!
    TBH, I had to google Missouri City😳It's near Houston..
  2. How cute is this?
  3. Gorgeous card!!
  4. Sweet message!!
    She perused my pinterest page😀😀😀
  5. Look at all these goodies..
  6. So adorably wrapped..
  7. She bought me a cookbook!!
    Not just ANY cookbook, "by the editors of Food & Wine"~a publication I adore!!!
  8. {gasp} Lavender face masks!!
  9. A candle that smells AMAZING!!
  10. Bath milk!!!!!
  11. It's all so..ME😍😍😍
  12. I couldn't wait!
    You all know I can't do anything without my readers, right?!
  13. Tuna escabeche tostadas😋😋😋
    This is happening @Gola
  14. I'm looking forward to being friends @rachhello❤❤❤you did GREAT!!!!! (I know you set your account to public, just for SS, so THANK YOU SO MUCH😊
  15. Arrgghhhhh, I was so excited I forgot to thank @DawnCloud for organizing this lovely event for all of us!!!