True story.
  1. So, yesterday I got bored with my Australian male SIRI. He's very impatient and he mispronounces my Spa, and it drives me crazy.
    It's V[I]brance😩😩😩
  2. I switched to a British female, for a change of pace.
    Clearly, I like accents.
  3. This morning I was trying to find a pen in my nightstand so I could write in my journal before I went to work, and as I was scrounging around, I dropped my phone and stepped on it and let out a few expletives in my frustration.
  4. Suddenly I hear, "there's no need for that language, Jana"!
  5. Well, ok then.
  6. Just for the hell of it, I said something else… To which said she said, "I'll pretend I didn't hear that"!
  7. This could be fun!