1. Just me and a young(ish) woman with a cute sundress standing in the elevator.
  2. She has a noticeable scar on her chest.
  3. Old woman gets on.
  4. She immediately looks at the young woman's chest and says "what IS that?
    Wait, what's happening?
  5. The young woman says politely, "just some.."
  6. Old woman, not letting her finish says, "is it a birthmark??"
    Jesus lady.
  7. Still staring, "is it a scar??"
    Look at me just staring at my phone👀
  8. "Yes, it's just some sca..."
  9. Interrupts again, "never mind, I don't need to know!"
    You just figured that out?!
  10. I'm thinking to myself, please don't ask if she's pregnant.
    Which she obviously is, but I can't take anymore!
  11. So she says, "it's okay honey, don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about your body!"
    Like you just did?
  12. DING!
    Thank God.
  13. 🙄