Inspired by @BWN_7, always and forever.
  1. I'm on vacation, and was having a wee bit of a meltdown prior to that.
    We will likely address that later.
  2. Which is why I haven't li.sted in awhile..
    Though I've been reading yours when I get a chance. Or have access to wifi.
  3. But, I'm feelin' it now, so..
  4. Thank you, David Johnson, for sinking that 12-foot putt at the Ryder Cup practice round this morning. What fun that was to watch!
  5. And, this is overdue, but thank you, @angela3950
    You know why.
  6. Thank you, @karlalucia, for your brave today.
  7. Thank you, ALL you @listers who bare your souls, share your pain, tell your stories and also make me laugh.
  8. Thank you, Italian rail system, for going on strike tomorrow so we can stay here one more day.
    There are worse places to be "stuck" than Cinque Terre! Though if I had a flight to catch I'd be rather unamused.
  9. Thank you, @mnickwrites, for sharing your knowledge and making a of your Tuscany adventure for me!
    We WERE headed to Florence tomorrow..hope to be there by Saturday!
  10. Thank you darling, for talking me into getting a new phone (with a better camera) so I can take all these pics of our trip!!
    This is devoted only to our Italy photos. (Paris will follow!)
  11. Thank you, super-outta-shape-at-the-moment body of mine, for getting me through this amazing hike today.
    We hiked between Monterosso and Vernazza and it was spectacular!
  12. Static
  13. Thank you, Moretti beer, for tasting SO good after that long-ass hike!
    Yes, I know water would have been a better choice.
  14. Thank you, to whomever conjured up the idea for caprese salad!
    This version has caper berries and it was fantastic!
  15. And thank you, Italy, for being such a lovely place to visit and for indulging my wine and cheese addiction.
  16. P.S. This is my 💯th🎉🎉🎉
    I attached a lot of pressure to that for some stupid reason, but this seemed like a good way to get back to my li.sting😀😀😀