Thank you-note Thursday [third edition]

Inspired by @BWN_7, and also using this opportunity to clear out some drafts (because in the words of @andersun, publish or perish)!
  1. Thank you, Foot Locker, for this awesome commercial! (My love for Tom runs deep, and poking not-so-subtle fun at Goddell at the same time, is priceless.
  2. Thank you, @list, for making this special place for us to laugh, heal, share and grow. And even though I'm still bent over the loss of TRENDING, the addition of DM is a huge bonus!!
  3. Thank you, November, for being responsible for two of my favorite days~my birthday AND Thanksgiving!
  4. Thank you, Brie Larson, for being so deserving of your academy award in this movie.
  5. Thank you, Amazon Prime, for making Catastrophe available for me to laugh and cry over. This cast is 💯
    If you haven't watched yet, you should.
  6. Thank you, little piggy, for donating yourself to my soon-to-be carnitas tacos that are sitting in the crockpot waiting to be devoured.
  7. Thank you, @readjulia for continuing to entertain us with your US Weekly li.sts and bringing joy into the lives of many!
  8. Thank you, @marymurphy @joemurphy's parents, for that stunning gene pool of hilarity you passed on to your children.
    I'm not alone in saying they provide a great deal of entertainment 'round here!
  9. Thank you @nathanielrepay, for this loveliness..
  10. Thank you, Chicago Cubs, for winning the World Series so that my bf can say, literally EVERY SINGLE DAY, "I can't believe they won the World Series!!"
    It makes me so happy.
  11. Thank you, Father Time, for making this better ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Thank you, Thursday, that I will now have three whole days without seeing my boss.
    It was that kinda week😳