As in was a lazy Sunday😉
  1. The remake of Beaches, and Idina Menzel singing Wind beneath my Wings?!???! Oh my, and yes please!
  2. A Britney Spears biopic?! Unauthorized, of course. Still, I will watch👀
  3. Riverdale. Archie comics come to life!! I read entirely too many of these as a child..
  4. Pitch Perfect 3!!! There's buzz that Miley and Justin will join up..I am an avid fan. (Let's keep that between us😉)
  5. Speaking of..Anna Kendrick's new memoir..(it's on its way to my doorstep!)
  6. Chip and Jo Jo bought a restaurant in Waco?? Do they own the whole damn town?? Im okay if they do..
  7. My boy, Tom has "never eaten a strawberry"😳wtf?