Ah yes, now I remember..
  1. Static
  2. I read more books.
  3. I exercised more.
    Damn you, Internet, it's all your fault!
  4. I spent more time outside.
    True story.
  5. No one would have had access to KK's sex tape.
  6. Justin Bieber wouldn't have risen to stardom at age 12.
    He would have eventually found fame, I'm certain.
  7. Our children had to steal their dads' magazines to see pictures of naked women.
    Or our Victoria's Secret catalogs.
  8. We had to look up that recipe in grandma's old cookbook..
    Thanks, Pinterest!
  9. And wonder how old Idris Elba is..
    Thanks, Google! (He's 43)❤️
  10. We couldn't possibly know what you had for lunch or how many reps you did at the gym unless we were friends..
    Thanks, FB and Instagram!
  11. We can download music.
    Thanks, Spotify and iTunes!
  12. If you wanted to cheat on your spouse you actually had to go looking for someone.
    Thanks, Ashley Madison!
  13. We didn't get angry when people were being hateful to each other.
    Because, unless we were friends IRL, we didn't know about it.
  14. We didn't have to worry about online predators and chat rooms.
  15. There were no mean tweets, no body shaming behind the safety of your computer screen..
  16. On the other hand..
    We don't have to mess around with those god awful maps while we're driving!
  17. We can track our ancestors, learn a language and FaceTime our families..
  18. We can stream movies and watch 24/7 news coverage.
  19. We can make a reservation, buy a concert ticket, plan a trip, manage our finances..
    We use you for nearly everything.
  20. AND..I wouldn't have met all of you!
  21. Like everything in life you take the good with the bad.
  22. So thank you, Internet, for simultaneously making life both easier and more complicated.
    What would we do without you?
  23. 💗💗💗