Lord, how I miss the days of Herbal Essence and cheap 👠
  1. Gone are the $4.99 bottles of shampoo..
    I buy cruelty-free products from my salon now.
  2. Hair maintenance
    This is a necessity.
  3. Facials..
    Must take care of one's skin..
  4. Miscellaneous non-surgical procedures…
    I've had a little Botox between my brows, but am bracing myself for what comes next!
  5. Pedicures..
    Once you start this there's no going back!
  6. Comfortable shoes..
    When you're young you can wear cheap shoes and high heels. Now my feet scream for comfy, and that shit costs money!
  7. Chiropractic visits..
    I lean over people all day and my body isn't as flexible as it used to be!
  8. Massages..
    See above⬆️
  9. Counseling..
    Mental health has a price.
  10. Doctor's visits..
    Mammograms, colonoscopies, Cortizone shots..
  11. I can no longer shop in the junior section..
    I buy less, but I want nicer clothes.
  12. Good food..
    I'm not saying I don't eat tacos and pizza, but I am willing to spend money on good food and buy as organic as possible.
  13. White Zinfandel used to rock my world.
    I've moved on to pricey Cabernet😉
  14. Travel..
    Bucket lists cost money, y'all!