Inspired by @Jaycer17, altered just a bit..
  1. The heater stopped working this morning.
    But it was just a fuse and our guy fixed it in a timely manner.
  2. The espresso machine spit up and made a mess on the floor and on my man.
    So he gave up and didn't get any coffee, then kicked my Uggs, which made me laugh! But, it all happened AFTER he made MY cappuccino.
  3. Said bf continued the meltdown after the heater/espresso disaster and yelled, "why are you still on your phone?!"
    And I said, "because it's my birthday..?" (Lots of texts❤️) and then HE laughed!
  4. I am apparently in the middle of planning a party that is fast becoming a cf.
    I am a planner, not a middle-man, people! (But, I took over and now it's on track)!
  5. I waited until today to do all my grocery shopping!
    But, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! (I guess the day before Thanksgiving is the day to shop)!
  6. The brand new Banana Republic peacoat I found at Goodwill for my daughter, had a hole in it.
    So glad I found it before I bought it! (I thrift when I'm stressed)!
  7. I anxiety-ate a bunch of leftover pasta.
    I stopped before it was gone.
  8. My son's gf now has to work on Friday, so they're not coming for Thanksgiving.
    But he'll come on Friday, so I'll still get to see him!
  9. I haven't done a single prep for tomorrow.
    I'm usually three-quarters done with things by now, but dinner's not til 4, so I have time.
  10. My hair is dirty and I don't feel like washing it rn.
    But I prob will.
  11. I'm dehydrated.
    Thank you spicy, sausage pasta.
  12. Speaking of pasta, I was supposed to be a lil' thinner on my birthday.
    Said me. A month ago. Didn't happen.
  13. Our fave sushi joint is closed today so no birthday sushi for me😕
    Saves us some $$$!
  14. The back up plan was to have a romantic dinner at his place, but we're both cranky so we're staying in!
    He's bringing food home so it's actually all good!
  15. I'm a year older😱
    Eh. Don't care.
  16. My friend's 90yo mother died and I can't find any empathy when she cries, and I feel terrible.
    But, I've kept this to myself and tried to just listen😢
  17. Holidays are HARD now😕
    But, I am at least grateful for those who love me and hold me up❤️
  18. My ex-MIL texted me that she bought alstroemerias today and thought of me.
    This was actually nice.
  19. I just want a drink and it's not 5 o'clock yet!
    But, @angela3950 reminded me it's 5 o'clock somewhere, so CHEERS!! 🍻🍸🍷🍾 jk😉