Some good, some horrible, some backstory, keeping perspective..
  1. It has been a rough few weeks on a personal front. We're in position to have huge changes ahead in regards to my bf's business. If it all works out like we hope it will, things will be better, but that is yet to be seen. In the meantime, without going in to detail, our stress levels have been extremely high.
    Added to this, has been the anxiety of having my son in Houston. He was safe, but it's hard to have your children go through such a disaster alone, far from family and friends, and I worried, nonetheless😥
  2. Thursday was a much needed date night. After work, we drove to Oakland, parked across the street from the restaurant, had a lovely dinner, a few drinks and walked to the Fox Theater to see Haim! (It was too dark for any good photo ops..)
    Danielle was sick, but they still put on a great show👌🏻Love these ladies♥️
  3. After the show, we walked back to our truck (on a well lit, busy street) to find the window smashed and all my belonging gone😞by all, I mean my suitcase packed for my weekend in Houston to visit my son, and my backpack with my laptop😑
    We had reservations at a hotel near the airport in Sacramento bc my flight left early Friday morning and it made no sense to go all the way home.
  4. But, we obviously couldn't stay in a hotel with a smashed window (they didn't take any of his things), so we drove home instead. I needed to grab some things to take with me for the weekend..the necessities, anyway.
    I slept from 2:30am to 4am, got up, threw a few things in another 🎒 and headed to the airport.
  5. There was a MAC STORE at the Houston airport..
    Grabbed some basics..
  6. So happy to see my son and Daphne, more often referred to as Daphers😻
    I love these two♥️♥️♥️
  7. People say he looks like me, what do you think?!
    We shopped and went out to lunch and explored and listened to music and watched movies♥️♥️♥️
  8. Today we walked around downtown..
    Minute Maid park where the Astros play!
  9. Found a sports bar and watched football together💜
    The Bears almost pulled it off🙄
  10. We passed street after street that looked like this😞Homes with their entire contents, shoveled onto the sidewalks in front of them😥😥😥
    It's gut wrenching😟
  11. It was a short visit..sitting at the airport again..
  12. Anxiety eating popcorn while watching the newest, devastating destruction😑😥
  13. I'm so grateful to have had the weekend with my son and to give back a little to the Houston economy, and as I sit and think about how fragile life can be, I try to focus on the good and not the horrible.
    Losing my things is such a small loss, compared to those who've lost virtually everything😥
  14. Waiting to board..
    It's gonna be a long night😩😂
  15. I'm really behind on my list reading!
    Will catch up this week, AFTER I catch up on my beauty sleep!!